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PolyMed® is highly machinable while maintaining structural integrity, allowing broad fabrication options. Sizes range from 1-20mm diameter, with wall thickness as thin as 0.0080". Optimal design characteristics can be achieved through a variety of continuous fiber orientations and structures, resulting in a stiff, high-strength material.

While comparable in cost, PolyMed® fiber-reinforced tubing delivers proven performance advantages over traditional stainless steel in leading-edge surgical applications.


Summary of Benefits

  • High strength-to-weight ratio
  • High torsional stability
  • Outstanding dielectric properties
  • Electromagnetically transparent
  • Proven bio-compatibility
  • ISO 10993 compliant
  • Non-reflective optical characteristics
  • Numerous fabrication options
  • No secondary sheathing required

Medical Composites Comparison

Polymed Composite Tubing

  • Non-conductive — electrically safe, insulating, reduced risk of shock
  • Electromagnetically transparent
  • Superb material resiliency
  • Multilumen capable — can be produced in multilumen shapes as one piece
  • Thermally insulating — more comfortable to touch, ready for immediate use anytime
  • Non-reflective characteristics — excellent compatibility with optical devices

Stainless Steel Tubing

  • Conductive — high risk of shock, unsafe, requires insulation layer
  • Electromagnetically interfering — can impede electronic devices
  • Can permanently bend past yield strength and become unusable
  • Multilumen shapes requires use of multiple components
  • Thermally conductive — always cold or hot to touch
  • Internal finish can interfere with optical performance


Any ratings are typical for design purposes. Your design parameters may affect final ratings. Consult with a Polygon sales engineer for guidance. Final testing and approval is the customer's responsibility for their application. This information is derived from our testing and published data. There is no assurance of these properties, or warranty provided that these products are suitable for any particular purpose or operational situation.

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Specifications are subject to change, and may be affected by our continual process of improvement. Changes may be made without prior announcement.