The same conventional design criteria being used in normal fluid power cylinder application are applicable with PolySlide® cylinders.

For current applications where PolySlide® is a direct replacement for a metallic cylinder tube, the same piston seal design can normally be used.

polyslide wear surface

The PolySlide® wear surface shown above (at magnification) after a high cycle speed test against legacy-era gel-coated tubing. After 300,000 cycles, the PolySlide® surface retained its smooth surface with minimal deposition of seal material. The granular materials shown in this picture are parts of the PolySlide®'s wear surface — specifically the additives that ensure a hard surface and a lubricious interface between seal and cylinder surface.

cylinder wear test

After 1 million operating cycles, the PolySlide® cylinder showed minimal wear and virtually no seal wear (below).

seal cut