Non-conductive structural rods

General product specifications.



Typical PropertyTest MethodConditionUnitsGeneral Grade*
Electric Strength ASTM D-149      
Perpendicular (1/8 thick)   In Oil VPM 300
Parallel   In Oil KV/in 50
Power Factor 60 Hz ASTM D-150     0.03
Dielectric Constant 60 Hz ASTM D-150     5.0
Arc Resistance ASTM D-495   Sec 100

*Polygon offers hundreds of resin and fiber combinations with significantly variable properties. Please contact us for products outside the performance properties of General Purpose.


Any ratings are typical for design purposes. Your design parameters may affect final ratings. Consult with a Polygon sales engineer for guidance. Final testing and approval is the customer's responsibility for their application. This information is derived from our testing and published data. There is no assurance of these properties, or warranty provided that these products are suitable for any particular purpose or operational situation.

Polygon certifies that their product will be free from material defect. Polygon will not accept any liability for loss, damages, or costs from use or misuse of our products.

Specifications are subject to change, and may be affected by our continual process of improvement. Changes may be made without prior announcement.

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