Space Shuttle Challenger

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F 117 nighthawk frontPolygon has experience in designing and manufacturing composites including fuel lines, landing gear mechanisms, bearings, bushings and cylinders for various aerospace industry customers. Because of strict NDAs, we cannot mention names. Please contact a Polygon sale representative with your application.

Sample Applications

space shuttle columbia launching

  • Space Shuttle
  • Stealth bomber fuel lines
  • Private and commercial airliners

Stealth Bomber Fuel Lines (Aircraft Component Customer)

F 117 nighthawk frontCreated a slightly conductive fiberglass tube that would act as a heat sink for the avionics but would also dissipate static which the aircraft produced in-flight from air friction.

Solution: A filament wound fiberglass tube incorporating a uniquely designed epoxy resin that was conductive within a specified megohm range. Polygon manufactured the first ship sets then licensed the customer to build the remainder at their facilities.



Any ratings are typical for design purposes. Your design parameters may affect final ratings. Consult with a Polygon sales engineer for guidance. Final testing and approval is the customer's responsibility for their application. This information is derived from our testing and published data. There is no assurance of these properties, or warranty provided that these products are suitable for any particular purpose or operational situation.

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