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A design engineer must continually search out materials that increase performance capabilities while reducing total product life costs. How does PolyLube® lower total cost of operation?

Poor lubricant maintenance is one of the most common failure points for bearings. A properly sealed and lubricated bearing should result in trouble-free field service in theory. Unfortunately, this is rarely the case. Greased joints may not be maintained properly, resulting in boundary/mixed lubrication condition and diminished bearing life. Bearings are often greased only twice in their life, once by the OEM and once before they are sent back for the warranty claim due to bearing failure from lack of lubrication. The following items can be eliminated with a truly greaseless bearing:

  • Grease Zerks
  • Automatic greasing systems
  • Grease costs
  • Labor cost for scheduled greasing

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The total cost of ownership for a bearing that must be lubricated is greater than the total cost of a self-lubricating composite bearing. Most OEM’s clients have found that the cost of purchasing, assembling, and maintaining a greased bearing joint is at a minimum 1.5 times to a maximum of 4 times the cost of a self-lubricating bearing joint. Equipment rental yards are increasingly sensitive to the liability associated with greased bearings.

Reduce Warranty Claims

External lubrication is an uncontrollable design variable for OEM engineers. Once the finished product is shipped to the customer they must properly maintain the bearing assembly. Failure can lead to liability or warranty claims. If proper maintenance is a concern, the best solution is a self-lubricating composite bearing. Self-lubrication is the ideal solution since it fully lubricates the contact surfaces requiring absolutely no field or long term maintenance. Dry lubrication does not attract dust or dirt and results in no environmental grease or oil contamination.

When to Use PolyLube® Bearings

  • When self-lubrication is required.
  • When bearing neglect could lead to product liability claims or premature failure.
  • When conventional lubricants will not function or cannot be used (as in the food processing and pharmaceutical industries).
  • When bearing, lubrication system, and maintenance costs need to be closely monitored.
  • When wide temperature ranges, particularly at low temperatures, require bearing performance stability.
  • When stick-slip conditions exist.
  • When high load capacities are needed.
  • When resistance to chemical, galvanic, or fretting related corrosion is a problem.
  • When weight reduction is desired.
  • When galling and scoring need to be minimized.
  • When shock loads present a problem.
  • When electrical insulation is required.

Composite Bearing Advantages

  • No Grease

    No Grease

    No grease means no poor greasing schedule failures.
  • No Zerks

    No Zerks

    Permanent greaseless bearings means no need for grease zerks and the machining costs to add them.
  • No Automatic Greasing Systems

    No Automatic Greasing Systems

    No grease means no need for costly automatic greasing systems.
  • No Retaining Rings

    No Retaining Rings

    Polygon bearings are a simple press-fit and often don't require retaining rings or the machining for them.
  • No Greasing Time

    No Greasing Time

    Your customers will appreciate saving on greasing time and labor.
  • No Through-Pin Greasing

    No Through-Pin Greasing

    Eliminate the need for through-pin greasing.

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