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Grease Attracts Contamination

grease fitting fitting no grease fpoSince there is no need for grease with PolyLube, there is also no exterior grease present to act as a trap for new contamination. This avoids the high solid content grease from acting as a grinding or lapping compound. The result is decreased exposure to contamination and a cleaner piece of equipment.

Break-in and Film Transfer

The secret to PolyLube’s high load greaseless operation is the use of uniquely woven PTFE super-filaments in the bearing liner. They exhibit tensile strengths twenty times greater than PTFE resins and are not subject to cold flow under high load. No secondary lubrication is necessary due to the film transfer process, even during start-up.

As the bearing begins service, the liner’s PTFE undergoes a phase change and disburses over the mating pin surface, transferring from the inner diameter to the pin's wear surface and smoothing out any macroscopic surface imperfections. Essentially, a small amount of the liner is worn away and sacrificed to coat the pin with a low friction PTFE film. This wear is often negligible, usually less than 0.001”.

This allows the bearing to have a very low coefficient of friction with minimal long-term wear, under high loading conditions. Following the break-in period, the wear rate stabilizes, remaining relatively constant for the bearings’ life. Testing of the PolyLube MRP bearing at 22,500 pounds, with 50° oscillation angle, resulted in stable wear under 0.005” at over 1.5 million cycles.

The elapsed time for break-in is PV (Pressure and Velocity) dependent. The equilibrium wear rate varies from operation to operation, due to a number of factors including: loads, speeds, pin hardness, material, and pin surface finish. For more specific guidance on the break-in period to anticipate given your specific application, please contact a PolyLube application engineer.

PolyLube MRP bearings are designed to minimize wear; however, the bearing wear is dependent on general operating conditions, such as speed, sliding distance and load. With intermittent rotation or oscillation, radial wear should be negligible over thousands of hours. Hard chrome plating gives excellent wear performance and protects the pin from corrosion. Coatings such as chrome, electroless nickel, YZD or nitro carbonizing are all common treatments for pin materials used with PolyLube bearings. Some customers have even experienced great results using standard 1018 pin material.

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