Capabilities - We Grind, Shape, Turn, Mill, Route, Drill, Chamfer, Cut, and More

polyfab idea center closeupPolygon grinds, shapes, turns, mills, routes, drills, chamfers, cuts and does a whole host of other machining operations for quantities that range in the millions to just a few. We have our own tool and die shop which allows us the versatility to make prototypes or produce products in limited quantities.We can then transfer any large opportunity to the advanced production floor where we can machine things in the hundreds, thousands or millions. Our roots were in taper grinding composite pultruded rods used in the recreational market. This led to advanced centerless grinding machines that today typically hold tenths of a thousandth in a high production environment. Today Polygon has several Japanese Koyo advanced centerless grinding machines with vibration dampening devices to maintain precise control over our ground products, similar type equipment exists within the steel needle bearing industry.

We were one of the first composite fabrication companies to incorporate NC machining into this very hostile and harsh machining environment. Composites are unique and require specialized tooling as well as an ability to handle the dust using unique filtration systems that are also environmentally friendly. We understand that when an application requires a fabricated composite, the application requires machining a very abrasive and hard material.

Advanced CNC Capabilities

polyfab Idea centerToday the Polygon facilities incorporate numerous types of CNC fabrication machinery in various venues. This includes robotic lathes, machining centers, palletized machining, automatic cut off and advanced production assembly, cleaning and painting. We even have a 13" x 12' automatic roll grinder, one of the few in existence today. All the advanced CNC machine programming is done within Polygon by our technicians and production engineers. Composite are unique and require a thorough understanding on how to approach these critical elements.

Assembly Services

Assembly projects are also second nature to us. Because "connecting" things to composites is a very unique challenge, Polygon has unique intellectual property surrounding the science of creating pressure vessels such as fluid power cylinders. We are also experts in bonding, insert molding or mechanically incorporating dissimilar materials to composites. We can also machine metallic constituents that need to be incorporated into a design and provide the value added assembly required to make a finished product or sub-assembly.

Testing Lab

polyfab cylinder test stationPolygon has built and maintains a unique testing lab which incorporates a wet chemistry lab, physical property analysis capabilities, analytical equipment (FTIR, TMA, DSC and etc.), as well as some high voltage testing apparatus. Our bushing lab is unsurpassed in wear analysis that can also incorporate dirt and dust lineally or rotationally. The medical section has an ability to do autoclaving and electrical cauterization insulating property testing. We also maintain relationships with several nationally recognized testing facilities when independent medical certifications are needed such as implantation, biotoxicity or FDA/ISO protocols are required.

Exacting Tolerance Ranges

polyfab cncNot only do we make the composite materials, but we finish them to very exacting tolerances. Whether it’s over 40 million armature shaft insulators a year at +/-.0005"tolerances or 100-200 feet of 18" diameter cylinder tubing at +/-.003" tolerances, Polygon has the internal infrastructure to handle the task. Our three manufacturing facilities of over 200,000 square feet can handle just about any secondary machining requirement your application might have. Added to machining capabilities are our extensive painting, coating and assembly abilities. We can clear coat, paint, test and assemble almost any product for our customers. We can even assist with the design and prototype portion offering taxed engineering departments relief in delivering a project on-time and within budget.

Component Sourcing

Over the last several years Polygon has developed an ability to source components for our customers, whether domestic or foreign, as part of an assembly product offering. In addition to sourcing and securing those components, we can assembly them and in some instances even drop ship them to our customer’s customers. Added to the above mentioned capabilities is our extensive expertise working with certification and procedural agencies such as NSF, UL or Nelson Laboratories (biocompatibility or toxicity testing). Polygon is also ISO 9001:2008 registered (manufacturing and design).

polyfab small bearing tester clutch bearing tester


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