Capabilities - We Grind, Shape, Turn, Mill, Route, Drill, Chamfer, Cut, and More

Below is a partial listing of Polygon’s processing capabilities. Polygon's strong commitment to custom engineering and machining are evident.

Filament Winding

  • 3 and 4 axis CNC winders
  • Single and multi-spindle machines
  • Winding capacity up to 40” in diameter and 32 feet in length.

Filament Braiding

  • 6 to 96 Carrier machines
  • CNC controlled

Hyrbrid Processing

  • In situ winding, braiding and pultrusion capabilities

Centerless Grinding

  • Through feed grinding
  • Precision dampening devices
  • Plunge and form grinders
  • Roll Grinders

Thermoset Pultrusion

  • Multiple production and development lines

Testing Labs

  • Instron, FTIR (Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy), wet lab, DSC, autoclaves, etc.
  • Extensive bearing and bushing wear testing capabilities
  • 50,000 pound Instron, Bluehill 3 software, ASTM fixtures
  • Can custom design and build testing rigs and fixtures
  • Internally developed cylinder cycling and pressure testing benches for both hydraulic and pneumatic cylinders


  • Semi-clean room for assembly projects

CNC Lathe Turning

  • Robotic
  • Swiss machines
  • Cellular systems

CNC Machining Centers

  • Pallet changing capability
  • Fully integrated

Painting / Coating

  • Separate fire-proof painting and coating side building
  • Automated painting line

Internal Tool and Die

  • Polygon maintains its own internal tool shop with several tool makers

Manual Machining Capabilities

  • Cylindrical OD grinding and turning
  • Numerous lathes, saws, drilling, router and punch press capabilities

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